October may be over, but...

You can still access our Scary Simple October tools for collaboration materials here!


Collaboration is important, so is ROI

Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions (HMCCs) are collaborative, regional networks designed to support existing sub-coalition preparedness efforts and encourage regional cohesion of preparedness and response. Unfortunately, it is often hard to understand the impact of these coalitions until a disaster actually happens, so how do we convey return on investment (ROI) to our many stakeholders? 

Try Chris Holt's article in the Harvard Business Review from December 18th, 2014, where he discusses how Hospital Coalitions Save Money and Improve Care through coalition participation. 

Or, take a moment to review the Community-Based Disaster Coalitions Training program designed by the University of South Florida to support coalition building efforts and strengthen existing coalitions. Ask yourself, how can we build stronger connections with our partners and what role can the MRPC play in your day-to-day, as well as emergency operations?

Finally, Prepare Iowa can provide you with the tools to examine Capability-Based Training & Education Resources for Coalitions for all 15 PHEP capabilities. 

Find more Scary Simple Preparedness tools at: https://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/images/129398