July 27th News Round-up

Cyber Security

Much has been made of the latest cyber security incidents, but the question remains, what do we do about these threats now and in the future? What steps can be taken to ensure our safety and continuity in the healthcare industry? The following checklist comes from ASPR's Plans, Tools, and Templates section on cyber security. If you haven't thought about cyber security before, its worth taking a moment to review what you and your organization can do to be better prepared for new age threats. 

Quartz and The Patch on tap water safety

It may come as a surprise (or not) that tap water contains chemicals that can harm people. Generally, it seems as if most people feel safe with the idea that someone, somewhere, regulates these chemical additives to ensure they remain at safe levels; however, this may not be the whole story. Quartz and The Patch are both reporting on unsafe contaminants in tap water that can lead to cancer, as well as fetal development issues. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are left under-regulated or unregulated, allowing them to continue existing in drinking water across the country and in Massachusetts. According to The Patch article (linked below), The Environmental Working Group has tracked 93 contaminants in the State's water supply. 

Both articles are linked below, as well as a link to the EWG website where you can plug in your zip code to see what contaminants exist in your community's water supply.